Choose gifts to give to men at FREE SPIRITS

FREE SPIRITS has leather accessories for men

Opened FREE SPIRITS, a store where Made in Japan good quality items are selected, is located in LUCUA1100 Osaka 8F. Entrust FREE SPIRITS to find the perfect gift for men! We have many good looking items of men’s liking.

The concept for 「Brown Brown」’s rusty looking leather items is to have men use the items wildly. This brand has an antique and hand-dyed ambiance with it’s rusty leather, and the warmth of hand-stiched makes many men want it.

Also, 「Lugard」 is popular among all ages because of their dandy items. Their accessories and bags have clever pockets with lots of functions, and all items are easy to hold and handle. We highly recommend giving yorur partner or parents a present from 「Lugard」!