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Get anniversary gifts at FREE SPIRITS

Opened FREE SPIRITS, a store where Made in Japan good quality items perfect for gifts or souvenirs are selected, is located in LUCUA1100 Osaka 8F. We have in stock many great items made by Japanese craftsmen. We have lots of Made in Japan products with high practicality.

We recommend presenting items that arent’t just well designed, but also have high functionality. 「READY OR ORDER」’s name card holder is made from cordovan and goat leather, displays brilliant colors. It has a design that both men and women can use easily, and is created to get your cards out easily. It is also an item with wonderful functionality, and the compartments can adjust to the size of the card.

「FIVE WOODS」’s A4 tote bag uses leather that takes the good parts from chrome tanning and vegeable tanning, and puts them together. This item is strong against damage and grime, and also gets higher complexion as the years pass. The bottom corners have thicker leather, a design to prevent the collapsion of the shape of the item as you continue to use it.